I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, August 16

Harvest Time

Our plum trees are heavy
and nearly ready to harvest

Tuesday, August 15

Seeing Coolness

Pale green leaves
has the mind envisioning
on these warm August days

Monday, August 14

Peaceful Passage

Paths of green
dotted with color
gives respite
to mind and soul

Sunday, August 13

Across the Lake

Gazing at untamed land
the mind quiets
and dreams wander
to that place of peacefulness
across the lake

Saturday, August 12

Friday, August 11

Dangling Darlings

Happy Weekend
Share Some Love

Thursday, August 10

Wednesday, August 9

The Breath of Dawn

The sun was soon to rise
as a new day dawned
at Coldwater Lake
Mt St Helens

Tuesday, August 8

How High is the Sky

And why is it so blue
And why
can we not all just
get along

Monday, August 7

Morning Light

Wildflowers and downed trees
on Johnston Ridge
across from Mt St Helens
with Pumice Plains below

Sunday, August 6

Gently Swaying

In the warm
summer breeze

Saturday, August 5

The Healing Earth

On a ridge
across from Mt St Helens
life slowly returns

Friday, August 4

Sweet Peas in the Wild

They adorn fields
and the forest's edge
They adore the sunshine

Thursday, August 3

Far From the Land of Man

The forest transports mind and soul
to a world far away
from all that is
of daily day

Wednesday, August 2


Morning fog
peaceful bliss

Tuesday, August 1

Taking Flight

Full of light
Light as air

Monday, July 31


Just to find some shade
and turn off the world
if only for a moment

Sunday, July 30

Golden Skies

At dusk the sky
put on a show
all its own

Saturday, July 29

Summer Blues

garden lovelies

Friday, July 28

Wetland Wildflowers

Spreading charm
in the wetlands

Thursday, July 27

Country Roads

A road less traveled
where it takes us
matters little
It's about the journey

Wednesday, July 26


A walk in nature
frees the mind
so it can soar

Tuesday, July 25

Twirls of Pink

On hot summer days
I play

Monday, July 24

A River Runs Through

Down a canyon
a river flows
with a rush of sound
like no other

Sunday, July 23

Dancing in the Sun

On a beautiful Sunday morning

Saturday, July 22

Sitting on a River Bank

Watching all the Geese
paddle by

Friday, July 21

Shine On Me

Happy little daisy
reaching for the sun

Thursday, July 20


Empty spaces
filled with
silence and solitude

Wednesday, July 19

Flowers Filled with Happiness

They dance
with the breeze
and smile
at the sun

Tuesday, July 18

Foxglove Fantasy

They call out to me 
yearning to be photographed
So I do

Monday, July 17

Crater Cliffs

The rugged east flank
inside the crater
Mt St Helens

Sunday, July 16

Saturday, July 15

Dreams in Green

Down the walk
around the bend
where dreams can come true

Friday, July 14


A whisper of sight
in the quiet light

Thursday, July 13

Wednesday, July 12

Dangling Conversations

Within the moments
of our lives

Tuesday, July 11

Wildflowers in the Blast Zone

Across from Mt St Helens
wildflowers bloom in abundance
where scarce else has yet taken hold

Monday, July 10

Roses the Color of Sunshine

Glowing bright in the garden
making their own sunshine

Sunday, July 9

Saturday, July 8

Friday, July 7

Bounties of Summer

In the height of 
summer color

Thursday, July 6

Pastel Dreams

Buds of pink
softly blooming
to pure white

Wednesday, July 5

Like a Soft Lullaby

Petal puffs of softness
perfectly perfect
for pixies at play

Tuesday, July 4

Happy Birthday America

America will stay strong
Trump will be impeached

Monday, July 3

Ruffles of Pink

Softly swaying
in summer's warm breeze

Sunday, July 2

To Dance

Free your soul
lighten your heart
and dance

Saturday, July 1

In Full Bloom

The sheer delicacy 
of a pink rose

Friday, June 30

Blooming Beauties

soft loveliness